Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market was founded in 1916 in New York City and was one of the first specialty food stores in the United States. Mark Ksiazewski at Centre Street Creative provided design and direction of the comprehensive brand portfolio through two decades of growth, mergers and acquisitions, ten chief executive officers and ten marketing directors. This opening slide shows the design of large and small grocery bags that have complementary but different designs on each side with bold graphics designed specifically to be eye catching across a busy New York street or in any suburban neighborhood. Bold black and white graphic variations of the cursive Balducci B icon create a handsome, special and gift-like style that creates a premium modern cache for avid food lovers.
Design and direction of comprehensive brand portfolio for specialty food retailer through two decades of growth, acquisition and mergers
Photos of interior reconfigurable affordable seasonal graphic elements, food photos, seasonal photos and text elements large format printed on styrene and shown placed in storefront windows and above refrigerated display cases.
Configurable display graphics
Array of elements for each season shown juxtaposed including three large title photos plus six smaller food photos plus one bright solid color text square per season. Fresh for Spring strawberries, tulips and dogwood, followed by asparagus, carrots, lamb chop, saffron risotto and fresh salmon next to a bright green square declaring them Delicious. Summer Flavors tomatoes, apricots and Gerber daisies in orange and magenta followed by green pea pods, corn on the cob, red peppers, cut fruit salad, red and green tomato Caprese salad and shrimps in a fresh green salad next to a bright magenta square declaring them Tasty. Autumn Harvests caramel candy apples, fall colored leaves and a cornucopia of fruit pears, red grapes, apples and ornamental squash followed by mason jar vegetables, hearty crock of chicken soup, beef stew, and a fish cioppino stew next to a bright russet square declaring them savory. Holiday Gatherings molten chocolate cakes dusted with powdery white sugar, a cluster of pomegranates, and winter holly berries and leaves in the snow followed by cranberry goat cheese salad, thick french toast with berries, winter apples and clementines next to a right plum purple square declaring them luscious.
Seasonal visual vocabulary
I-pad and website images showing holiday fare of stuffed lobster, catering offerings and gift baskets. Another image shows luscious chef-crafted classic sandwiches, hoagies and wraps, private label products, Super Bowl party catering and rewards program offerings. The third image shows a series of 4 slides to illustrate delicious Bistro Meal combinations of one delicious entree like marinated salmon, super chunky crab cakes or a Japanese steak stir-fry with two irresistible sides like almond snow pea saffron rice or sauteed asparagus. Yum!
Online content and food photography styling
Panettone holiday gift box packaging design one side with a pattern of random vertical stripes in orange, vermillion, hot pink and magenta, with the other side in white, black logo and a thin bottom border in the random orange pink stripes, so that when panettone boxes are stacked for display it forms a brand compatible white and orange checkerboard festive for the holidays. Design by Mark Ksiazewski at Centre Street Creative Food Market Design.
Panettone holiday gift box
Array of 10 photos showing brand family of orange and black private label packaging graphic design for balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy, roast coffee, peanut butter, roasted peanuts, cocoa, jams and preserves, spices, marinara spaghetti sauces, house red and white wines and assortment of eleven flavors of cookies designed by Mark Ksiazewski at Centre Street Creative Food Market Design
Private label packaging
photo illustrating brand consistency for private labels that are applied to a variety of packaging products and sizes for tall glass marinade bottles, wide peanut butter jars, curved side labels for tapered plastic soup containers with companion top round lids, metal spice tins with short, medium and long product names and finally octagonal plastic candy tub containers
Private label brand management
Balducci’s interior graphic design sandwich, coffee and espresso menu boards and large format signage
Menu boards and large format signage
marketing graphic design series of stanchion size 22x28 inch promotional poster signage using consistently branded typefaces with logo orange, black framing and simple white text that talks about taste and flavor first
Promotional signage
Collection photos showing private label containers and carriers including folded cardboard picnic lunch container with handles, cardboard hot coffee to go urn with plastic handle and layouts for branded recyclable shopping bags and handled wine carriers
Containers and carriers
Catering menu graphic design and food photography styling  showing a cover with stacks of sandwiches turkey with avocado and Russian dressing, Caesar Hero or and Italian cold-cut hoagie style sandwich, marinated tips of beef with roasted red peppers, arugula and goat cheese and wrap sandwiches with roast beef avocado and Boursin cheese. On the back cover and array of bakery products, croissant and muffins and a breakfast catering platter with sliced smoked salmon and condiments like cucumber salad with dill, sliced red onion, capers, lettuce and sliced tomato.
Catering menus and food photography styling
photo showing gift catalog front and back cover layout and product photography styling including Balducci
Gift catalogs and product photography styling
additional gift catalog layouts and product photography styling featuring three gift baskets. Gifts of Godiva ballotin of chocolates, tins of cocoa, chocolate bars, vacuum bags of chocolate coffee and  boxes and plates of cookies. La Dolce Vita gift basket including chocolate chip cookies, chocolate rolled piroullines, Harey and Sons Earl Grey Tea, Bonne Mamon Preserves, three-pack of Balducci
Gift catalogs and product photography styling
Six layouts showing compatible marketing graphic vocabulary for in-store promotions including large format posters for Home and Office catering and Balducci
In-store promotion theming
Four layouts for customer affinity and rewards marketing program collateral including large overhead horizontal format poster, 22x28 inch stanchion poster with brochure holder, sign up pamphlet and 7x11 inch sign holder inserts
Affinity and rewards program collateral
A series of four graphic posters for seasonal food marketing event series. Summer barbeque or B B Q with red white and blue stars in the first Balducci
Seasonal event series
Healthy options food and product educational marketing signage including a 22x28 inch stanchion poster and individual shelf tags providing brief information and tips about specific healthy products. The colors are brand consistent black, orange and white text with a bright yellow background to clearly stand out for notice in a busy grocery aisle.
Healthy options signage
Examples of co-branding for embassy and trade organization food event programs with layout pictures of posters, signs, menus and product sign tag add-ons to provide a storewide presence for Discover the delicious flavors of Spain festival.
Co-branding embassy and trade organization events
Front and back side layouts for Direct mail bulk mail marketing postcard promotion highlighting ten dollar off anything coupon, Spanish Festival events, with imprinted variable addresses, store location maps and encoding details for customer tracking.
Direct mail promotion materials
Product fixturing and departmental graphics
Seasonal and holiday menu layouts for Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, Easter, Chanukah, Christmas and New Years  with examples of food photography styling
Holiday menus and food photography styling
Black and white or black and white with color photograph newspaper and magazine print ads and online media advertising layouts for specialty food food market retailing
Print and online media ads
series of specialty food store grocery shelf tags for In-store product communication signage
Product communication series
Market departmental icons formatted in the Balducci
Departmental icons
Photos showing product placement of iconic Balducci’s grocery shopping bags in two Hollywood movies Just My Luck with Lindsey Lohan and No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones
Shopping bag product placement