Brand refinement project to promote 30 years of growth beginning with site signage for 230 senior living communities in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Photos show signature logo signs for three communities, using a bronze oval with white lettering and orange sunrise icon and tan trim outside edge. The bronze is used as a neutral color that will look tasteful and not clash with several decades of building styles, colors, finishes and landscaping for facilities incorporating Victorian New England, desert southwest or provincial French Canadian motifs by Mark Ksiazewski at Centre Street Creative
Brand alignment for 230 senior living communities
Photograph of Sunrise Senior Living sales literature folio layout shown flat and Signature Experience booklet to illustrate the new enhanced orange oval logo, white sunrise lettering and golden yellow sunrise icon that includes an array of photography in the new candid style that shows seniors interacting in a thriving community of companionship and interaction to illustrate the Joy of Every Day designed by Mark Ksiazewski at Centre Street Creative
Marketing materials to express the spirit of relationships and joy of every day
Overhead photo view of all print-on-demand sales collateral for Sunrise Senior Living composed in an array to exhibit the intentional graphic use of warm residential colors of burgundy, soft butter yellow, golden yellows, cinnamon and Sunrise signature orange which make for a neutral earth tone background palette so that landscaping, plants and clothing colors for seniors in jewel tones of periwinkle blue, spring green, pink and lilac create a full spectrum of joyful color to further enhance the visual spirit of the Joy of Every Day.
Print-on-demand sales collateral that enables custom variations for specific community photos, features, price lists and floor plan inserts
Overhead flat view of all 14 pages with front and back cover of the small special unique booklet, 3.5 inches square that contains candid natural photos of senior adults sharing a sense of community, compassion and friend filled interaction next to accompanying text that conveys the brand promise of the Sunrise Signature Experience. A picture is worth a thousand words, so each spread of the open booklet features one large photo on the left with a different color above where each concept is presented while on the right is the text that goes with each concept that includes quality of life, relationship based care, serving hearts, peace of mind, joy of every day, enriching mind, body and spirit and the comforts of home.
Sunrise Senior Living Signature Experience booklet
Photo array of Sunrise Senior Independent Living marketing materials including folio covers for Huntington Common, The Fairfax, Bedford Court, Stratford Court, The Fountains at Cedar Parke and Thorne Mill on Steeles, plus print-on-demand sales collateral folio inserts and materials for specific community features, photos, price lists and floor plan inserts designed by Centre Street Creative. The Independent Senior Living materials exhibit a greater use of blue skies, green landscaped areas to depict fresh air, out door activities and freedom for more active senior adults.
Sales and professional referral collateral for independent senior living communities
Photo array of four in a series of brochures for Sunrise Senior Assisted Living featuring information on senior living interior design, memory care guidance and a community cook book. Each brochure is the same common size 5.5" wide x 8.5" high, each in a different color, yellow green, plum, chili red and logo orange, each with a grid of four photos 2x2 depicting the subject matter, with titles above and Sunrise Senior Living oval logo below.
Series of senior resource materials, cook books, interior design and memory care guides
Sunrise Senior Living graphic design for seasonal community relations marketing, fund-raising pet and recipe calendars, holiday greeting cards, social club membership literature and open house event invitations by Centre Street Creative
Seasonal community relations marketing, fund-raising calendars, holiday cards and sales events
Photo array of examples of postcards with a print-on-demand template solution incorporating options for pairs of two colors that can be seasonal or holiday specific plus location for local senior community specific photo and photo option for event specific imagery
Print-on-demand template solutions for direct-mail event marketing
Photo array of print-on-demand collateral posters and flyers incorporating event or holiday specific color combinations, organization of variable text for single or multiple event applications using the same template and thematic feature photos as well as specific local senior assisted community photos
Print-on-demand collateral solutions for multiple events, holidays, locations and target audiences
Six photo and text panels depicting the merits of Pets at Sunrise Senior Living, unique dining experiences, designated care manager program, life enrichment managers, individual service plans and memory care excellence that supports seniors and senior caregivers
Poster and flyer series for quality of senior care doctrines and highlights
Magazine and newspaper ads, referral program literature and special sales event marketing materials
Display materials for exhibiting core principles and standards
On-line marketing graphics, website, banner ads and social media layouts
Annual marketing campaign series including print-on-demand template solutions for direct mail, posters and flyers with companion interior design guide
Event campaign series including community recipe book
Event campaign series including memory care guide book
Event campaign series including anniversary celebration edition
Brand consistent vehicle and site graphics